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AgroHive, Africa’s fast growing human resource and workforce management agritech company, is boldly tackling one of the major challenges encountered by agri-food businesses across Africa, which is to have easy access to blended agricultural training, a consistent supply of appropriately trained agricultural workforce that meets their skills needs and a digital workforce management platform to manage and track the performance of their staff.

We collaborate with key stakeholders in the agricultural industry to train, upskill and certify agricultural talents. Once certified, agricultural talents are outsourced to agribusinesses through AgroHive’s digital hiring platform.

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At AgroHive, you can:

Onboard New Employees

Hire skilled agricultural talents for your agri-food business needs with ease.

Get Trained And Certified

Opt-in for industry relevant training as an agricultural talent or agri-food business owner. Also, upskill your existing workforce with the right training and certifications required to improve your agri-food business productivity and profitability.

Workforce Management and Performance Tracking

Cut down workforce management costs by 50%. We help agri-food businesses track their staff performance and increase workforce productivity.

Find Sustainable Agrifood Jobs

We connect agricultural graduates and professionals with sustainable agri-food jobs. Join us today and get matched with hiring agri-food businesses.


Using technology for skills
development & seamless access to quality agricultural talents, which will enhance agribusiness productivity across Africa.


To digitize
and simplify Africa’s
agricultural human resource management.


We believe that learning is a continuous process and we work towards empowering the next generation of agriculturists to become masters of their crafts.
We continuously build long lasting relationships with experts and relevant stakeholders in the agricultural sector, working across borders and putting our clients' satisfaction before personal gains.
We Pursue AgroHive’s goals with undeterred enthusiasm and unwavering zeal, we are always looking out for opportunities to inspire and be inspired.
We believe that trust is key and we act accordingly.
We stay true to our words and are courageous in all we do.
We want our clients to hold us accountable.

Africa’s Fast Growing AgriTech Human Resource and Workforce Management Comapny