What we’re offering

Training, Staff Hiring & Workforce Management

Select a service from our range of diverse premium agricultural solutions that meets your agri-food business growth needs. We offer well-tailored solutions from blended upskilling training, staff outsourcing, workforce management, farm set-up solutions and extension services.

  • Hire the best Agro talents
  • Get the best training as an Agro expert

Agccelerate for Agribusinesses

Through Agccelerate for agribusinesses, we offer tailored virtual courses, in-person training and farm set-up solutions to agri-food business owners, managers or investors in Africa and the diaspora. Our goal is to assist you with the training and support you need in making the best agri-food business investment, management and growth decisions.

Workforce Hiring

We assist agrifood businesses to hire agricultural workforce and consultants. Our agricultural talents are well trained with industry relevant curriculum and tools to prepare them to optimally manage your agrifood business and farm set-up needs. Our expert consultants have years of experience in the agricultural sector.

Workforce Management & Performance Tracking

Through our digital staff performance tracking solution, we are helping agri-food businesses cut down their workforce management costs by 50%, reduce poor workforce performance, theft and inaccurate data collection. Agri-food businesses can now easily manage and track their workforce performance.

Agroskill-up Training

AgroHive offers Agroskill-up training for agriculture graduates, undergraduates and entry-level agrifood employees, seeking to upskill, get sustainable jobs or internship placements.
Our Agroskill-up training with an introduction of digital skill modules in all courses focuses mostly on Agrifood business management, Agriculture value chain development, Agri-product sales & marketing, Agri-finance and Employee branding.

Agrifood Business Support Service

We have designed HR and agrifood business support services to make agri-food businesses more rewarding for Africans and investors regardless of their location. This is of great importance to us because we understand the challenges Africans and investors in the diaspora encounter while trying to build sustainable agri-food businesses in Africa.

Extension & Consultancy Services

We offer top-notch extension services to agri-food businesses across Africa. Our goal is to help agri-food businesses and smallholder farmers access timely information and expert support services which is vital in making informed agri-food business decisions. We also help clients with premium agri-food business market research, agri-food business plans and feasibility research.


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